Middle-Click to Close Applications from Windows 7’s Taskbar - WORKING!

[ 2009-12-11 ] - Avdelningar: Design & Ergonomi, Egna tjänster, Mjukvara |

Here it is! An app that really does close an application when middle-clicking it in in the taskbar.


Tested on:
Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
Windows 7 x64 Pro Swedish
Windows 7 x84 (32bit) Ultimate

How it works

This mod changes the behavior of mouse middle click onto the application buttons in Windows 7 taskbar.  Instead of starting new instance of app, with this mod middle-clicking the app buttons on taskbar will close target application. To enable this mod silently, start this executable with -silentinjection command-line parameter. The mod is automatically removed after system reboot unless “Enable the mod at system startup” option is selected.


  1. Copy the folder “Win7TaskbarMClickClosex86″ or “Win7TaskbarMClickClosex64″ depending on which version of Windows 7 you have. If you dont know which one you have then you probably have have x86 and should use “Win7TaskbarMClickClosex86″.
  2. Paste the selected folder to your program files folder, or whichever folder you want this software to be stored.
  3. Run the Win7TBarMClickClose.exe and click “Enable Mod”.

If you like it, then tell others! =)

2 Responses

  1. GDur Says:

    can’t delete the dll file
    plz fix it

  2. GDur Says:

    problem solved…after reboot i could delete the file

    thx..i love this feature